It all started as a dream...

 H2O School started out as nothing more than a dream of one woman, with a passion for her sport and determination to succeed.

After moving from her home in Quebec to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, professional wakesurfer, Caro Villeneuve needed to find a way to bring her passion for surfing to her new home in the mountains. After multiple requests to coach other athletes and travel internationally for lessons, Caro realized she might be able to make something happen, and H2o School was born.

With humble beginnings, H2o School started off small with mostly well-known and previously established regular clients. Caro ran everything herself, taking phone calls and bookings, giving lessons and coaching, investing her time in two non-profit wakesurf organizations, while still traveling to compete internationally. It was a labour of love, and her passion for the sport spilled over into her business. With the help, support, and guidance of her partner, Ben, she soon found her dream was becoming a reality. H2o School began to grow as word of mouth spread and more people were gaining interest in the opportunity to train with a pro rider at her very own school. With the help of a long list of friends, family and sponsors, H2o School continued to expand and grow over the years to become what we are today.

We currently have a fully staffed reception office located just off the boat ramp above our docks. We have a newly landscaped seating area to wait or watch the riders below. In addition to our beloved Centurion SV 244, last year we added another boat to our fleet, the impressive Centurion RI 237. We have upgraded our website and booking processes making it easier for everyone to book lessons and get in touch with us. We are happy to announce we can now accept online and dock-side debit and credit payments.We are also very excited to announce an all new experience to H2o School this summer with the addition of the Flyboard, sure to thrill our clients of all ages.

Staying true to our foundation, at H2o School, we believe that you should never stop dreaming. It doesn't mater if your dream is a new personal goal, success in business, winning competitions, or something totally crazy like bringing a surf board to the Rocky Mountains...                              

Dreams come true if you want it badly enough, you just have to keep trying. Falling is not failing, you just get back on your board and try again. Success happens when you move from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm; failure only happens when you give up... at least that’s what the pros say (trust us we know!).



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